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Popular Art Classes For Kids in Atlanta!

Let your little one’s imagination come to life with our endless arts and crafts possibilities! We designed our kids art class with cutting-edge creativity in mind. Our friendly instructors lead a welcoming course that engages your children with a different theme each class!

Kids starting from age two and up can sign up for our arts & crafts class! Parents can hang out at our boutique coffee shop during class and then join kids for some free fun in our indoor playrooms afterwards!


If you’ve got a tiny artist on your hands, this is the class for them! Each class has a focused craft that pushes your child to explore their imagination and creativity in a new way. These classes are very hands-on and everyone will get to take home their creation at the end of class. Here are some of the projects you can expect in our kids art class:

  • Color Mixing

    Color mixing is a fun activity with so many color possibilities that it never becomes commonplace. There’s just something special about how two different colors can somehow combine to make a completely new color. It’s a little like kids are crafting magic, while also learning all about primary and secondary colors.

    We do a lot of activities that experiment with color mixing, blending together reds and blues to make purple, blues and yellows to make green, yellows and reds to make orange, and so on.

  • Ceramic Painting

    Painted ceramics make for a great take-home gift for the family. Kids get to have fun and bring their imagination to life through a lasting piece of art, and parents get to put it in pride of place at home! We provide the ceramics, think along the lines of a flower pot, and kids have full use of our art supplies to decorate it how they want.

  • Seasonal Crafts

    Our team has crafts for every season and we’re always coming up with new fun ways to help kids’ creativity shine. Holidays like Valentine’s Day, St. Patty’s Day and Halloween have so much decorative potential. Seasonal crafts for Spring and Summertime are made up of blooming flower drawings, bumblebee art, and other projects that bring even more sunshine to these seasons.

little girl painting in art class in Atlanta

Benefits of Arts and Crafts for Kids

There are so many benefits to arts and crafts for kids. It’s a way to directly and positively influence active minds brimming with creative thinking that are just waiting to soak up new information like a sponge.

These classes are designed to develop creativity in children. They have the freedom to use different materials in an unstructured way, allowing for exploration and experimentation. Giving your child a creative outlet can not only help relieve stress and build self-confidence, but can aid in other essential life skills.

These classes foster good communication, listening and expression. Social and fine motor skills improve through art classes, along with coordination and cognitive development. Kids are placed in a setting where they will socialize with others, use their hands to make something, and think critically and imaginatively over what they’re doing.

Get Started by Signing Up Today!

Signing your child up for classes is a great way to keep their minds and bodies active, and it’s fun! Kids have a blast in class and it’s always a treat when they run out of class excited to show parents what was made that day!

 Not all classes are available at all times, please see our events page for the current class schedule! More classes will be added throughout the year, follow us on social media for new class and event announcements!

Here at Ready Set Fun! we have some of the best play classes for kids in the Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Roswell and Buckhead areas. If you’re looking for arts and crafts for kids, we’ve got you covered! There are also many other classes to choose from and you can always go for more than one class topic as well!

For more information on our list of classes or class schedules, please don’t hesitate to reach out either by contacting us online, calling us at (404) 596-5566, or emailing us at contactus@readysetfun.com.