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Mini Chefs — A Kids Cooking Class in Atlanta

Do you have a little Gordon Ramsey or a mini Rachel Ray in the making?

Here at Ready Set FUN!, we offer kids cooking classes that are safe, educational, and—most of all—fun! You can expect tiny hands crafting lots of tasty food.

Cooking Classes for Little Chefs and Big Chefs!

For ages two to four, there is a Little Chefs course. And for ages five to ten, we have a Big Chefs course. In both the Little Chefs and Big Chefs courses, your children will be making delicious items like pizza, cupcakes and cookies. Each class is 45 minutes long. These courses are hands-on and help your child explore their newfound enjoyment for cooking.

We’re teaching your kids the cooking basics with fun activities like custom-made pizzas, baking 101s, cupcake and cookie decorating, and icing techniques. And we definitely recommend parents steal a bite (or two) of these delicious creations.

These are cooking classes for kids, which means that, while they are hands-on, everything we do has safety as the number one priority.

What Will They Do?

All of the classes at Ready Set FUN! were created to offer a fun, safe place for kids to learn different skills and activities. Our kids cooking class is one of the most popular options! With classes designed to be both fun and educational, we’re creating more opportunities for kids to discover new interests. We are confident your children will love these classes, even if they have no prior experience with these skills or subject areas. What better way to find a new passion!

In our kids cooking class, they’ll explore a variety of different cooking and baking techniques, see their personal creations come to life, and then reward themselves with a meal made by their very own hands!

Whether they’re beginning to understand how flavors work together by creating a personalized pizza or unleashing their inner artists through the baking basics with cookie and cupcake decorating, our fun classes for kids educate on how to be resourceful and self-sufficient while having a great time.

What Cooking Classes Can Teach Kids

This super fun and engaging hands-on class teaches little and big chefs to make their own food to enjoy. There will be plenty of recipes, from main courses to snacks to desserts. Children will learn the importance of kitchen safety and gain confidence in the kitchen. Following the cooking class, kids will enjoy a sampling of the food they make. Although it may get a little messy, your little chef will make something the whole family can enjoy, learning valuable lessons along the way!

  • Responsibility and Safety

    Safety in the kitchen is so important. While your child is learning all about new tastes and textures, we’ll also teach them how they can take care of themselves and their area in the kitchen. Cooking classes for kids are a lesson in independence, but they’re also constantly educating kids on best safety practices and how to always cook responsibly.

  • Skills

    We’re teaching basic culinary techniques. Kids will read directions and follow a teacher going through the necessary steps. They’ll start learning about measurements and portions. Understanding how step-by-step actions can directly create a completed dish can be the first moment in a lifelong love of baking or cooking. We’ll also teach them the basics of what tools should be used and how they can continue their practice with parental supervision at home!

  • Ownership

    Your child’s created something fun and tasty. By working to make something together, we’re helping our chefs gain confidence in the kitchen. Their finished product is something they’ve directly had a hand in making, and it’s so fun to see something they worked hard on come out correctly. Even better, your child gets to eat it after!

  • Sharing

    Along with ownership, we’re helping your kids understand the benefits of sharing. They’re in a class with other children trying to learn with them, and it can involve teamwork and patience. Kids working together to create something they’re proud of is a great form of interaction and getting to share with parents after can be so rewarding for them.

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