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Explore Our List of Classes in Atlanta!

For little ones who love to learn, we have some of the best classes for kids in the Atlanta area. At Ready Set FUN!, there are classes for everyone. Whether you already know your child is passionate about a subject or you’re looking to explore their possible interests, we offer classes that are fun, creative, convenient and learning-based.

Our classes are available as individual classes, or you can contact us about bundles! Certain classes are also available as part of day camp and preschool.

Next time you visit us, don’t forget that you can come for a class and stay for playtime because all of our classes include free play!

These classes are hands-on and encourage responsibility, safety, communication and creativity. Effort and ideas are always rewarded. We have classes for toddlers and classes for kids, so explore our list of classes below to find the best fit for your child:

boy and girl participating in kids cooking class at Ready Set FUN!

Cooking Class

Let’s get cooking! This is a super fun and engaging hands-on class where little chefs will get the opportunity to make their own food to enjoy. There will be plenty of recipes, from main courses to snacks to desserts. Children will learn the importance of kitchen safety and gain confidence in the kitchen. Following the cooking class, kids will enjoy a sampling of the food they made. Although it may get a little messy, your little chef will make something the whole family can enjoy.

Our cooking class is for both little and big chefs ages 2 -10.

Length of class is 45 minutes.

little girl painting in arts and crafts class at Ready Set FUN!

Arts and Crafts Class

Let your little one’s imagination come to life by way of art! Our arts & crafts classes are designed to develop creativity in children. They have the freedom to use different materials in an unstructured way which allows for exploration and experimentation. Giving your child a creative outlet can not only help relieve stress and build self-confidence, but can aid in other essential life skills. Kids will have the opportunity to improve social skills, fine motor skills and cognitive development while having fun in class. With classes focused on color mixing, ceramic painting, seasonal crafts and more, we’ve created a space where creativity and imagination can shine.

Our arts & crafts class is for ages 2-8.

Length of class is 45 minutes.

little girl dancing in dance class

Dance Class

Get your little one up and moving by bringing them to one of our dance classes! Dancing to music is one of the most effective methods of exercise for kids and helps improve balance and coordination at a young age! Kids get to be active through arm and leg movements, while expressing themselves through music in an exciting group environment. They’ll learn dance moves that are simple and fun for them to follow along with—maybe they’ll even teach mom or dad a thing or two!

Our dance class is for ages 2-10.

Length of class is 45 minutes.

little girl singing in music class

Music Class

In each Ready Set FUN! music class, your child is welcomed into a playful and nurturing environment where they will sing, move around, play instruments and hear stories. Kids can join a circle of friends and get ready to have a fun sing-along party as they create their own rhythm and sounds. They will have the opportunity to experiment with different instruments. Give your child the lifelong gift of music while stimulating his or her overall growth and development!

Our music class is for ages 2-10.

Length of class is 45 minutes.

Sign Your Child Up For A Class Today!

Our classes are available for all ages, whether it’s classes for toddlers or classes for kids, we’re teaching new skills that are fun for everyone! 

We invite you and your child to uncover the adventures that await in our classes! Chefs-in-training, artists-to-be and everyone in between are welcome to sign up for a class and start learning more about what they love to do!

If you’d like to know more about our classes or how you can buy class packages, we’d love to answer your questions! Check out our class schedule to see what classes we are currently having or contact us online, email us at contactus@readysetfun.com, or call us at (404) 596-5566.